Staining Hardwood Floors

Staining Hardwood FloorsWe at Tom & Peter Flooring are proud to be able to make custom stains for our clients.

There are many combinations of stains that we can experiment with to make sure that you are fully satisfied with your decision. Our specialist will create a pallet of different stains for you to see on your wood floor. Innovation is a core value of our company and we are continuously working in our lab creating and exploring new color, finish and texture techniques.

Want to stain your new or newly resurfaced wood floors?

Tom & Peter Flooring offers many different shades of wood floor stains. From modern gray / charcoal colors, white washed looks, nearly black floors and every color in between. We can also change the color of floors and seal them in one convenient, non-toxic application with Rubio Monocoat.

Rubio offers 40+ color shades. When considering staining it is very important to understand that stain is not meant to be completely uniform like paint. The beauty of staining is that the stain is not uniform and that it takes differently in the different grains of the wood.

It is also important to understand how stain takes on your wood species. While oak floors take stain pretty uniformly, other harder woods don’t soak up as much stain or their grain structure can take stain dark in some areas in light in others. This is especially true of woods like maple, birch, and hickory.

When staining Tom & Peter Flooring goes to great measures to produce the best stain job possible.

You may find that our company charges a bit more to stain a floor then other companies, but it’s because we go the extra mile with our process.

We use a water pretreatment on each stained floor. This process also referred to as water popping is a mixture of water & a small amount of denatured alcohol, this raises the grain of the wood as it dries and helps the wood accept the stain as evenly as possible.

Other companies charge for this step, while it is included in our fee for staining. In addition to water popping each stained floor we also do our final buffing with use of the Lagler Trio planetary sanding machine.

This extra step that most other companies leave off their process helps get the most even sand job possible, which further helps your stained floor look as good as it possibly can.

Because a floor has to be flawlessly sanded when it’s being stained or any little imperfection will show through. Most other companies leave off this extra step because it is time consuming and because this is very expensive machine.

Please Note: Stain colors can vary. If you want to stain your floors, we ask that you narrow your choices down to a few colors. We will then make samples out of the exact wood type that you have. This allows us to illustrate how a particular stain will look on your floor.