Hardwood Floor Sanding & Refinishing

Hardwood Floor Sanding and Refinishing

We believe that our type of service, and it does not matter if it is a new hardwood floor installation, or a hardwood floor sanding is kind of art work.

It is a gentle work that require certain expertise that only years of experience in the field can teach. But expertise are not enough to perform a good wood floor sanding service, you need the right tools. We are using the top of the line hardwood polishing equipment, from leading brands, and we doing our best to remain updated with the latest technology and develops in the wood floor industry. TRIO Specialized hardwood floor sanding machine used to get floors extremely smooth and flat. So if you are looking for a wood floor supplier in Chicago, you just found what you are looking for. We offer professional wood floor sanding service in Chicago, like we did for the last 15 years.

Having your hardwood floors refinished is one of the easiest ways to drastically improve the look of your home.

There’s no easier way to not only improve the beauty of your home, but also preserve its value. Here are a few of the most common reasons why customers decide to have their hardwood flooring refinished:

  • Hardwood flooring is completely worn and have deep scratches
  • Decided to remove carpet or linoleum and want the hardwood floors underneath refinished
  • Want to change the color of the hardwood flooring
  • Protect your hardwood floor from further damage
  • Give your house a more elegant look

Sanding and refinishing the your hardwood floors means that we sand all of the finish off of the existing floor and remove approximately 1/32″ of wood. Floors are then coated with sealer and three coats of polyurethane. Most 3/4″ hardwood flooring can be sanded up to six times, as long as a professional hardwood flooring and refinishing company sands the floor each time it’s needed. Hardwood floors should last 100-150 years, making them the longest lasting value for the home that can be purchased if cared for by a professional team.

For those with existing hardwood, sanding and refinishing the floors is a great way to revitalize an old floor. Hardwood refinishing and Sanding is the best way to revitalize a floor, mainly because it is inexpensive, and the results turn out beyond expectation!

Hardwood can usually be sanded down multiple times and refinished with sealing coats of polyurethane, or water-based varnish. The sanding brings out the original beauty in the wood, while the varnish seals and protects the floor, providing a long lasting finish. During this process, you can choose to completely change the look of your floors by staining them almost any shade imaginable. We offer different types of stain to our customers, but can also create custom stains if you are looking for something unique. The refinishing and staining process is the best way to make your floors look and feel like new. If your floors are being sanded, finished or refinished on site, you need to be prepared for some noise and disruption.


1) When we begin a refinishing process we inspect the floor to see the condition of the floor in general and whether there are any particularly bad boards that need to be replaced. We also inspect that there is this enough wood left to be re-sanded.

2) We sand the floor with a course grit (36-40 grit depending on the floor condition), often sanding across the wood gains at a 45 degree in order to accomplish a perfectly level surface.

3) We fill all existing gaps, cracks, and gouges in the flooring. For extremely large gaps we will either use an epoxy based wood filler substance or wood pieces of same species.

4) After filling, we sand the wood flooring with a finer grit sandpaper, taking off and excessive filler on the wood surface and making a smoother surface.

5) At this stage we sand the flooring the third time with a Trio machine, which delivers the final touch in the sanding process.

6) The floor is vacuumed to remove any dust particles and your choice of hardwood floor finish is applied.

7) Curing of the first coat of finish depends on the type of finish used. Once cured, the first coat of finish is buffed with a buffer screen of 220 grit and a final coat of finish is applied.

8) The final coat of finish will cure within 12-24 hours, and can be walked on in socks. Furniture should be left off the floor for a few more days to allow the finish to grow stronger before putting it up to a stress test.


Once the sanding process is completed we’ll remove any unsightly cracks or gaps that may have appeared Almost every hardwood floor will suffer some damage over time, especially with factors such as seasonal temperature changes affecting them. Winter especially can have a devastating effect on your hardwood floors causing gaps to appear in the floor. When this happens you’ll need to repair the gaps to prevent dirt and other debris from settling in the cracks. We’ll assess the gaps in your floor and fill them in proficiently, leaving no room for dust to settle.


This is where you really get to bring out the natural beauty of your hardwood floor. We’ll begin the staining process by applying a stain of your choice. Once the stain has dried we’ll follow up with several applications. To produce the best results, we’ll screen, buff and vacuum between applications.

With the right wood stain, you can make your hardwood floor the focal point of your building’s interior. We’ll present you with a selection of durable, environmentally friendly and safe stains from popular brands to choose from. These include stains from Bona®, DuraSeal®, , Monocoat®  Woca® oil color , Glitsa®, and others. Stain Colors

We prefer to use non-toxic strains that carry low volatile organic compounds (VOC) to avoid exposing our employees and customers to harmful petroleum and solvents with high-VOC that can be damaging when inhaled. We care about your safety, that’s why we’re the number one Chicago flooring company.

We at Tom & Peter Flooring are proud to be able to make custom stains for our clients.

There are many combinations of stains that we can experiment with to make sure that you are fully satisfied with your decision, and our specialist will create a pallet of different stains for you to see on your wood floor. Innovation is a core value of our company and we are continuously working in our lab creating and exploring new color, finish and texture techniques.


Lastly, we’ll ensure that your hardwood floor is protected from any potential wear and tear while adding to its beauty. You can choose from a variety of high gloss or low luster finishes, whatever will complement the interior your building’s interior. Finishing is one of the most important steps in the refinishing process. It’s like added the icing to a cake. We use the highest quality odorless finishes with extra low VOC. These are available as Water-base and Oil based urethane finishes, both of which have their advantages. Wood Floor Finishing Options