Dustless Hardwood Floors



Dust Containment: Tom & Peter Flooring uses high powered vacuum systems for sanding wood floors. These vacuums not only collect the majority of the dust created they also then filter the air they exhaust. Our vacuum systems help eliminate the traditional dust nightmare throughout your home.

At this short video you can see how does dustless hardwood floor refinishing works in real life.


People often, avoid sanding and refinishing of their hardwood floors because of the dust the sanding processes can create. But did you know that dustless sanding offers you the ability to sand and refinish your hardwood floors without the hassle of having your home filled by annoying dust? Our dustless system eliminates the traditional cloth dust storage bag and instead sucks the dust directly into the machine.

Our dustless system eliminates 98% of the dust that accumulates from the sanding process, which means that you can maintain the cleanliness of your home while getting back that radiant new floor shine.

Best of all! Our dustless system is offered at no additional cost. So If your floors are in need of refinishing and sanding, there is no reason not to go for this cleaner, safer and faster option.

We retrofitted all our machines – the belt sander, edgers, TRIO, buffer and other smaller sanders – with special skirts and /or cyclones to stop almost all the dust from becoming airborne during the sanding process. It gets contained within the machine then sucked up never to be seen again.


About the Trio

The Lagler Trio is a very versatile machine that every hardwood company should have. The Trio can be used during every phase of sanding to ensure the best end product of a hardwood floor refinish or installation. It has a planetary head turning 3 rotating discs that are 8″ in diameter. The rotating discs ensure there are no scratches left over that are visible.

The Trio’s main function is making your floor flatter then even a belt sander can make it and is about 2x better than any buffer can do. It is particularly good at sanding hardwood in hallways & other smaller areas a belt sander will not be able to get to thus giving those harder ares a flatter floor where it usually might not. If you run your hand over a hallway done with an edger the boards are very uneven, with a Trio your hardwood floor will be perfectly flat.

What a Trio Does

  • Cut the floor to be perfectly flat 
  • Leaves no scratch marks
  • Polishes the floor to be as smooth as possible
  • Contains all dust it produces
  • Leaves floor perfect for stains – no scratches can be seen that a buffer usually leaves behind

Trio Competitors

Clark 3ds – This is basically the same thing as the Trio but it is trying to recreate the trio experience & quality. This is a suitable substitute for a trio.

Bona Multi-Disc – This item is a buffer attachement with 6 discs but the problem is it uses a traditional buffer to power it. A buffer is 100-125 lbs vs a Trio that weighs 200~ lbs and meant to cut the floor evenly. A mutli-disc will not cut the floor evenly or even very smooth. This attachment also leaves many scratch marks in the floor while the 3ds and trio will not leave them.

Traditional Buffer – A traditional buffer is of the past. A very light machine  that is good for polishing and that is about it. It will not cut your floor flat.

The Trio is very unique, it is used after your belt sander and it will fully flatten the floor so that there are no edges or dips/valleys. The traditional methods of a hardwood floor refinish include a belt sander and a converted piece of equipment called a buffer. With the Lagler Trio you are actually getting a machine that was meant to smooth your floor to perfection leaving no edges, dips, high spots or sanding marks on the floor. After using the machine vs our old tradition buffers you can actually feel a big difference in the floor.

The buffers leave the floor much rougher and uneven compared to to the Trio. The Lagler Trio is the only way to get the smoothest of floor finishes and will leave you with a more defined floor look. If you are getting your hardwood floors refinished a true planetary head is a must to get the floor to be perfect.

Other Benefits of the TRIO…

Another great feature of this sander is that it can be used on floors that the other machines might not want to be put on… like cork flooring and certain types of engineered floors.

It also is amazing at prepping floors that are going to be stained. One of the most common things you will see on a stained floor is edger marks that haven’t been completely removed. These are easily noticeable once stained and they will be in your floors forever, constantly annoying you .

Most hardwood floor refinishing companies in Chicago will attempt to blend these completely different sanding patterns with the buffer but if a hand sander is not used, the results can be somewhat lacking.

Below is a video we shot so you can see this machine in action…


So hopefully this gives you a little insight into this funny looking machine you’ll see us using in your home and why we love it so much.We love restoring floors and we’re constantly looking for ways and equipment that will help us do our job – making your hardwood floor restorations as close to perfect as humanly possible. The TRIO is a winner all the way around for your floors!

If you’re interested in seeing it in action, make sure you ask us when we’re refinishing the hardwood floors in your home.