Stains Colors

Want to stain your new or newly resurfaced wood floors? Tom & Peter Flooring offers many different shades of wood floor stains; from modern gray / charcoal colors, white washed looks, nearly black floors and every color in between. We can also change the color of floors and seal them in one convenient, non-toxic application with Woca or Rubio Monocoat. Rubio offers 40+ colors. When considering staining it is very important to understand that stain is not meant to be completely uniform like paint.

The beauty of staining is that the stain is not uniform and that it takes differently in the different grains of the wood leaving a wonderful look and feel. It is also important to understand how stain takes on your wood species. While oak floors take stain pretty uniformly, other harder woods don’t soak up as much stain or their grain structure can take stain dark in some areas in light in others. This is especially true of woods like maple & Birch.

Non-Toxic Rubio Monocoat – Stain + Finish in 1 application

Non – ToxicWoca Products


Tom & Peter Flooring uses a water pretreatment on all floors that we stain, this process that’s also called “water popping” involves wiping the entire surface of the floor down with a mixture of water & denatured alcohol. As this mixture dries it raises the grain of the wood which allows the stain to take as evenly as possible and it also gets a richer coloring. This process is included as part of our price for staining. Other companies charge extra for this extra step, so when comparing quotes if be sure you are making an apples to apples comparison as our rate may seem higher, but you may not be getting this extra very important step.

STAINING  PRETREATMENTS – Smoking/Fuming/Wood Aging & More

In addition to using water pretreatments on stain jobs to help get the best stain job possible.  Tom & Peter Flooring also offers other staining pretreatments including Dye ,Active , Fuming, Smoking, Aging, and more. These special non-toxic mixtures area sprayed over the floor while the wood is in it’s raw unfinished state. As these liquids dry they create a mild non-toxic reaction with the tannin oils that are naturally present in some woods. This reaction gives the floors gray, white, driftwood or aged color/undertone. When done before the application of the stain this can both create somewhat of a textured look in the floor and they can give more depth to colors.

As always we are always happy to make any potential clients samples utilizing any of our staining colors + techniques to help you compare colors to other paint colors, baseboards, cabinets colors etc. from the light of your own home. 

As noted above we always use a water preferment with all stained floor (at no extra charge), this added step is something that other companies either don’t do, or charge extra for. Most importantly we take an extra very important step in our sanding process (when staining) that many other companies avoid, and this is the use of our Lagler Trio Planetary sanding machine for the final sanding. This is a very expensive machine and the use of it involves a lot of extra work so most other companies use a standard floor buffer to make this crucial step easier. The reason the use of this machine is so crucial is because in order to get the best/ most even stain job possible a floor much be sanded as closely to perfect as possible. This state of the art machine does just this. By running this machine over the entire floor at the very end of the sanding process this machine does the last fine/detailed bit of sanding more flawlessly than any other machine available in the world.

Again, be sure you are comparing apples to apples when comparing quotes. Unless someone is taking all these extra steps;  using the quality staining products we offer, has the unlimited color/texture options, uses the specialty equipment we use etc. then you would be settling for less than we are able to offer of a truly professional staining application. Staining is a job that needs to be carried out by professionals as there is so much involved to ensure that the correct color is achieved and that the right level of staining is used so as not to reveal any imperfections. It is important that there are no streaks and that excess stain is removed.

Bona DriFast®

Bona DriFast Stain® is an oil based product. Colors are intermixable enabling us to create nearly any color imaginable. DriFast can be top coated with both our oil & waterbased finish products. We can use Bona Stain on red Oak, white oak, hickory, ash and other woods. We prefer some of our other options for staining woods with less grain such as maple or birch. For these woods we recommend Varthane® as out first choice or Zar® as another great option.

Please Note: Stain colors can vary from the samples shown above. If you want to stain your floors, we ask that you narrow your choices down to a few of these colors. We will then make samples out of the exact wood type that you have. This allows us to illustrate how a particular stain will look on your floor.

Glitsa® Gold Seal Stains

Glitsa offers a wide range of custom colors for your hardwood floor. All stains are designed to work with each of our finishing systems and from Whisper Gray to Sable Black, Glitsa has the perfect color to complete the look of your home.