Wood Staircase Installation

Adding hardwood to your stairs can make a dramatic change in your home’s appearance. Hardwood stairs are beautiful and add class and elegance to your décor. If your stairs are in your entryway, as most are, hardwood stairs provide the perfect opportunity to make a great first impression on guests.

There are as many options when it comes to replacing your staircase as there are with wood flooring. Do you want your staircase to be all wood, wood treads with painted risers, or wood edges with a runner in the middle? Then there’s the choice of newel posts, balusters and railing. Our staircase experts can explain your choices and help you make the best decisions.

Precision Wood Cutting

Staircases are definitely trickier than regular wood flooring. In fact, some wood floor companies only install floors and call in a specialist for staircases. At Tom & Peter Flooring, we’re experts at wood staircase installation. Because you are working in a confined space, staircases require precision cutting skills and lots of patience. Luckily, we’ve got plenty of both.

Custom Staircase Landings

Usually, staircases are fairly basic because there’s not a lot you can do with one tread or riser. Landings, however, are a different story. This is where we can create custom patterns that really make your staircase stand out. Simply angling the direction of the wood planks can add sophistication to a boring landing. Borders around landings also create an easy elegance. Medallions come in all different sizes making some ideal for staircase landings. The good news is that landings are not huge areas so you can pack a lot of design punch in a small space and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.