WOCA Diamond Oil & Master Color Oil

The №1 one-coat-system

One of the most popular hardwood floor finishing systems we offer here at Tom & Peter Flooring is the one provided by WOCA. WOCA’s got the whole installation process covered, from finishing prep to aftercare. But the company is well known for the lasting strength that their finishes offer.

Here are some reasons why you should consider using a WOCA oil finish for your next project:

In the minds of hardwood floor contractors everywhere, WOCA means durability.

WOCA’s oil finishes are known for their extreme durability and strength. Hardwood floor contractors worldwide have chosen WOCA time after time because of the sheer reliability of their products.

WOCA oil finishes penetrate the wood and harden to create a strong, lasting seal. With regular cleaning and maintenance of the floors, a floor covered in a WOCA oil finish can go for decades without being refinished. Let’s put it this way: If you coat your clients’ floors with WOCA, you probably won’t get any callbacks about the finish looking too worn down. Plus, WOCA makes it easy to touch up oil-finished floors to preserve their durability as time passes. WOCA offers oil refresher and maintenance oil for rejuvenating the floors and increasing their resistance to wear.

WoodCare Denmark has launched new contemporary colors into their WOCA Diamond Oil range. The Diamond Oils are a completely new generation of professional oil treatment system, for finishing floors and are unique in the market, with consumption of up to 25 sq meters per litre. All applied in one simple coat. The Diamond Oil has +99% solid content with low viscosity and suitable for all types of hard and softwood flooring, parquet, wall and ceiling panels.

The Diamond Oil is a simple system which is unique and easy to apply with a high degree of saturation, fast drying producing an extremely hard wearing surface with high water and stain resistance from day one.

The WOCA Diamond Oil is available in several modern colors but can also be tinted in customized colors for industrial application. WOCA Diamond Oils are environmentally friendly pro ducts based

on vegetable oils and unique unleaded drying agents. The Diamond Oils are suitable for commercial high wear applications with the maximum water and stain resistance.

The Diamond Oils are compatible with all WOCA after care products. Diamond Oil is used for oil finishing of wooden floors with floor machine. Diamond Oil is ideal for basic finishing of any unfinished, new and newly sanded interior woodwork.

  • Suitable for all types of wood floors
  • One-coat-system
  • Direct content to the wood
  • Waterproof
  • Extreme hard-wearing surface
  • Fast drying
  • High spread coverage

IMPORTANT: Due to settings and color adjustments within individual computer monitors and hand-held devices, the color on your wood may or may not be achieved as shown in the color swatches
We encourage you to order a color sample and apply it to a piece of your wood for verification.

WOCA Master Color Oil provides color and an oil finish in one step. It penetrates and hardens deep inside the wood.  As a result, wood floors become stronger and better withstand wear.   Master Color Oil contains fine pigments in nine different colors, which can be mixed to create a custom color. Master Color Oil. For wood finishes where color is required, WOCA Master Color Oil contains fine pigments in nine different colors, ranging from Black to Extra White. These oils contain fine pigments in 10 different colors, ranging from Black to Extra White

  • No staining is needed with Master Color Oil, as the color and finish is done in one step.
  • For custom colors Master Color Oils may be mixed freely to create any desired color.