Floating thick modern staircase in Park Ridge – Final look beautiful ❤️ 3” Brazilian Teak modern staircase intensive custom natural color – today applying second coat Loba Supra 2K

Floating stairs were given their name because the mono-stringer holds treads in place without risers, giving treads the appearance of floating in mid-air. FLIGHT is an excellent choice for those who are seeking contemporary lines and open concept living.

Ideal for floating stairs, the 2” or 3” Thick Stair Treads are crafted with meticulous precision. Superior construction and high-end finishes make Tom & Peter Flooring thick treads stand out. Thoughtful details like a subtle ¼” bevel on each edge and the eye-catching butcher block style add to the overall effect

Brazilian teak is one of the hardest hardwoods in the industry, and thus provides extreme durability along with its renowned, distinctive patterns. Browse beautiful, exotic shades of gold, rich red and dark brown in our collection below.

Brazilian Teak Premium Grade Hardwood Flooring, otherwise called Cumaru, is a captivating wood species from South America that makes a beautiful wood flooring for your home. … It is 174% percent harder than the acclaimed northern Red Oak, with a score of 3540 on the Janka Hardwood Durability Scale.

To ensure quality and customer satisfaction, our brazilian teak treads are 100% made in America by expert craftsman, we can also provide any custom size needed. Please call for quotes or questions, our team is ready to help

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