Chicago Hardwood Floor Maple 2-1/4″ Install + Sand + Stain Natural color + 3 coat Bona Traffic Satin .

I will tell a few words about the wood Maple is slightly harder than oak is (1450 on Janka hardness scale vs. Red Oak at 1290) and it is light in color than oak.

Maple hardwood generally comes from Canada and the northern US. Maple has light graining for a smoother and sleeker look. It’s more modern and contemporary while oak is more classic and traditional. Some customers prefer this light color and smoother look, while others feel it has less character.

Maple is more expensive than oak and the difference varies pending on which grade of maple it is.

Maple tends to yellow a bit more over time, especially in rooms that have a lot of light.

Maple does not absorb the stain as well as an oak does Because of this, maples with stains tend to have a bit of ‘blotchiness” in them…some people prefer this look; others think it looks fake.

Maple just absorbs stains differently…and with some of the darker stains, they turn gray…which is a very stylized look.

If you are looking for that hip gray look, maple is your best bet (it just doesn’t look the same on oak).Below you can see pictures final project Maple floor12931099_675317822610805_7919639434768617680_n 12419167_675317832610804_5203956704592906793_o12494720_675317875944133_8873161690055098417_n 12495062_675317919277462_1993347617422897714_n12970923_675317872610800_4582182034900053731_o 12973460_675317902610797_1347140157495953071_o 12977047_675317849277469_1424157552372824621_o 12983288_675317929277461_7005119341423829420_o 12983812_675317935944127_7543068749019225366_o


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